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   Saturday, December 07, 2002
All rite, im here again..manythings had occurred last week..well I went out with sheha, ct, muhibbah last Friday for break-fast. I was the earliest that day..i reached around 6.30..becoz I ddint want mama to stuck and break fast lambat due to the yeah I was damn early..and about 5 mins to 7 farouk came joined by ct and sha at 7 to waste time I msg ali and we chatted till farouk arrived..well that day I ddint plan to see him at all..but at about 3pm I decided I should as well get things over and done with him..for ive been pending the dinner for 2 weeks already and I couldn’t seem to find the right time to go out with whenever I plan it wont feel right and true enuff it wont dat Friday I decided to give a shot..and well..he joyfully.agreed to meet after dinner..and wanted me to teman him to get shoes at klcc..and im like oh no..i only ask for drinks at mont kiara along with my frens but he had some other stuffs in mind so I told him the original plan and both of us agreed to go with the flow..
and at 8.30 after the delicious and fun (open table) dinner with my buddies..he picked me up and we shoot up to klcc..i couldn’t believe wut I was doing..for things just seems to fall apart..i mean I planned to go for coffee at mont kiara,should be joined by my “other” buddies..but entah sheha cant make it for she had to be home b4 10 while fara wants to go out with bf meanwhile hanim seems 2b not in the mood..and ct wants to teman sheha balik..and im like wookay so I shall hang with ali then..see we never confirm anything!so we were at klcc about 9pm till 11.30pm…we hang out first doing window shopping from topshop to nose and some other shoe shops..and lastly he wanted to go to “chinos at the park” for a like wookay wutever..and yeah we chatted on and on till 11pm..and to my utmost surprise I bumped into budi and frens..

That was such a funny situation I mean he couldn’t recognize me at all! Yeah man cant quite blame him “missy innocent nerdy gurl” at chinos klcc on Friday night with a guy (wut on earth is going on)..he must be thinking I must have turned around 180 degrees or something..anyway…after that he led me out to the park in front of philharmonic centre..yeah to have a gaze at the twin tower and fountains..which was sweet I think and no doubt the view was awesome!..and we chatted till it was time to go home at 12 sharp..and dad was shocked to know he sent me home..but it all went well coz I told him that mak asked him to sent me home..which was true.
.but I lied to them about our last destination and dats bugging me …I hate lying especially to my parents..i only lie if its relevant to do tipu sunat..even if this outing was plan but it wasn’t confirmed..and if I told them the truth they’re gonna be really angry and upset.. and would think about other irrelevant stuffs about ali and me..which is absurd..we did absolutely nothing except he was being affectionate to me in a brotherly kind of way…so I didn’t tell them the absolute truth only half I to be blame? Does it mean I lied? I guess so..but I did it to avoid any where do I actually stand now, im not quite sure…

but I know like mama just sed yesterday after she found out that he sent me home..that I ought to follow the Islamic rules about dating ..she didn’t pressure but I myself found the idea necessary and am not against it..that it helps me to avoid any unwanted weird situation with him or publics…so I shall ask for forgiveness to my family for lying to them directly or indirectly this coming eid..and I shall not see ali by myself again unless he comes and picked me from my home which means my family knows all about it….and thankgod, I dunno why but he seemed to always understand my situation with family,publics and religion..which amazes me really..he;ll assure that my parents knows where I am, that I get home safely and punctual,…I thank god also for allowing me to meet him, he;s more like a dear brother or a bestfren..he advises me on many many things, we chatted about almost everything that could b chatted under the stars…from psychological aspect, economical, political and even religion…funny at times I feel like im talking to a lecturer..i learned a lot from him, honestly this year I learnt so many new things which never crosses my mind and these thanks to my college friends and ali…

   Sunday, November 10, 2002
yo! im having my holiday last paper was biz was a okay..its fasting month now..and my gparents along with mum and bro is in saudi for umbrah.they've gone for about 2 weeks now..and hopefully this thurday they;ll be back..geeez im dead bored, apart from going out with my girls..i have nothing to do...can u imagine 2 days in a row..i didnt go i clean up my gparents's bedroom..and today i re-write the phone book..i wish for a better holiday..seriously sitting at home sucks..i cant really talk to anyone coz my mum or gma isnt here..and my dad,i cant really talk things which i like to talk about wif him..hes a father he wouldnt understand..and my gaunties and uncle..dont even think about it..and i cant even watch tv!!!..they;ll be watching astro ria..andi dont watch malay it sucks..i had to bare with our other english sitcoms on local networks..other than that i'll be online chatting or just surfing thru..tuh pun i dunno where to go already..oh yah 2molo sha's bday..happy 19th burfday!!..okay la till then

   Tuesday, September 10, 2002
hey hey u guys..its been along time ..i know..and i kept saying sorry coz ivethose assignments been keeping me busy...and now im peretty blank god i really dunno wut to say..but briefly..things have changed somuch..i mean each of us have now gone further in our lives eery form of ways..if u know wut i mean..okaylar betta go this guy beside me looking at my damn monitor.

   Tuesday, August 20, 2002
okay so long yeah me know, assignments and tutorials stuffs kept us all occupied..anyway im now in clab with miss hanim... and waiting for syed to do our business stats assignment together but he had to do something pulak so the thing was cancelled...and the due date is this friday....we're so dead...oh yah this aturday is the monash ball thingy, i went to sg wang yesterday to outer" (dunno how to spell) my baju..and i bought myself a pair of turqoise stud earings..hehe..pass uh me sheha n ct skipped our marketing lecture ..ct went to mont kiara where else me an sha accompanied by bow went to starbucks kat pyramid..then we met regine and kenn way..hehe,,,so dats about it cant wait for saturday..cya

   Sunday, August 04, 2002
~*~AlWaYs aSpECt ThE uNeXPeCtEd~*~

hello!i know ive been away for so long but i cant help it , been really busy with schools and friends...anyway on the first of August i finally and officially became 19 years old...huraayyy.. right im getting older, it sucks a liltle i do still wanna be 16!!!!!! hehe..yes and siti gave me my first,third and ermm i cant remember wut number wishes!! i had a small bbq for my birthday yesterday, i didnt except it to turn out so well...honestly that evening i was pretty down coz i kept getting sms from my friends telling me that they couldnt turn up...and stuffs like dat..n i was getting worried coz my mom did a number of dishes..and i didnt want it to be so boring like last year,but thankfully around 7 siti and sheha and titi arrived, then siti helped on with my birthday outfit...then later fara, mukh, and bow joined in...yep, n i had to move around coz ive forgotten some important culinary stuffs like knife!! plus we had a guest since 6.30 whom then stayed the foods were'nt actually fully ready..hehe..sorry...but later kenn way and regine came, followed by the rest..and from one full table we had to put up another 3 tables and it was fun coz the tables were joined and every 22body was chatting with one another....both of my parents helped with the bbq, actually it was our job but they suddenly started doing all the chores..hehe merci bouku...neway over all i had soo much fun and i hope everybody elses do to...those first few peoples became the last people to leave that night...hehe thanks so much...honestly this is the best party ive ever had...and its all due to my dearie friends who is always there with me!!! erm, i was pretty hungry though...i tasted all the food bit by bit, salad pasta, vege salad, steak,chicken (thats mukhriz's chickss), the funny taste of punch made by siti-a mixture of a number of juices and 7-up and ginger beer which then had made sheha drunk!! the punch was a crossover between pinacolada and virgin mary hahah...the yummy marsmallowss...yeah dats about it...

all i wanna say is that i really appreciate wut u guys have done to me, from being a listener, chatter,place for comfort, fashion advisers, guys and problem advisers, boy hunters, food lovers, dancing partners, big birthday helpers, to calm me down when im hyper, to know me so well on the fact that i need food to make me hyper, and most of all for being my bestest friends...i love you all....hehe ALL TOGETHER--------> owwww so sweet! fault i just wished i could sit down and joined in the conversation with u all.....but i haf to go around making sure everybodys eating well, foods n forks are enough, so thats why i didnt really know until the end of the night that mukhriz have a 1 o'clock curfew from his mom!!!heheheh..thanks also for the wonderful gifts..i love them all..till then goodnight!

   Thursday, July 25, 2002
~*~EvErY sTorY HaS TwO SiDeS oF ViEw~*~

im back in college,the first day was really fun.. everyone was really looking forward...excitements to see our old friends whom we've not contacted for about a month and some new to review our disappointment in our results..hehe...oh well, this sem i'll be taking the bis stats since i failed the harder macroecons..i dunno wutelse to write,say classes was so far so good, excellent lecturers way much better than last year,get to know new people from different class...and yada yada...boring academic stuffs..

lets get part to the boyzzz...hehe...ive not seen shinoda yet, and i have this feeling im not going to see him at all!! why? most probably due to the schedules ...though i know that he's still in monash, failed maths b and re-taking it along with mr. chris...hehe..but i dunno i suddenly lost as for now my life is pretty much the same..hehe..oh and bahiyah is going off to states in 3 weeks time..gonna miss her..since i got nothing else to say or write and this stupid printer didnot print my gonna get out from here..later

   Friday, July 19, 2002
~*~EvERy bEgInNInG EnD wItH aN eNdInG~*~

hey, finally my begining of the first semester has officially ends with my first semester didnt kick off dat well..i flunk my Business and Econs i already expected..the rest was a ok. glad i pass for the rest however my economics results is not that good, plus the fact that im majoring in econs making it look worst!....yes then comes the lecture from my parents...initiating that i should push myself harder in next grandma was pretty cool..for now, only she knew i flunk in one subject..and she didnt scold me or anything instead she told me not to mention anything to my parents..ssaying that they wouldnt understand the fact that the subject is hard..hehe..wutever the case im still trying to do 5 subjects this semester n pray that i'll do better...