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   Monday, January 14, 2002
Okay finally i have an online journal of my own. thanks to my buddy sheha now i can write wutever stuffs i want for the whole wide world to see! heh? guess thats the point of writting down here isn't it?or maybe not..wait let me ask her...
SiLverLIp$(22:46 PM) :
can the whole wide world see it?
*devyne*(22:46 PM) :
yeah if they choose to..then again..the whole world dont know who u r

guess shes right..and to add it the whole wide world cared about a tiny soul like muah!
its been a hectic day, work-have to do this and dat;and only managed to go home at 8pm..see this is wut u get for working with ur family..however the up side of it..u wont have to cripple down ur pants every time its lunch time for u defenately will get $$ out of the blue..not to say im pampered but come on which most parents will have this guilty act when it comes to food for their kids..
i work in bangsar for an event company based..they handle events in malaysia and middle owns the company and i have to write this for im truly imppressed and respect her for that..god its not easy to run a company im telling u...hard work...$$ in and out all the time..amazingly she came through it enuff about that...let me tell u about the ppl i work with..theres kak suzi..newcomer..sweet and petit lady..and theres mr.darus ..hes from singapore...kiasu u ask? hehe..i have to admit it..YES he is ...
today he told me to move on and stop dreaming about my love life!! but in a good way of course...i was shocked..jaws dropping..macam lah i ada love life!!!..i screamed at him...and he thought i was denying something..i was like shitlar..i dont have anything to deny..he kept on laughing and shaking his if hes RIGHT....he told me its okay to loss someone..but must always concentrate on ur studies..and bla bla lba...i was like HUH? wut crap u talking man...i started laughing histerically at him..honestly he thought i was insane or something..and kept on telling me how girls mustn be so soft bla my heart i was like man if only this guy knew wut or how i am in college..memang langsung tak kisah pasal tertib ...duduk pun kena betul betul especially when i wear a skirt..even my fren JAY laughed at me when i first wore a skirt in college!! anyway..this mr.darus thought i was like any other girl....which of course im not..but dont get me wrong..I AM STRAIGHT!! i LOOOOOOOOOOOVEE GUYS.....but of course im single for now..and happy with it..its not that i dont want one..i DO really..hehe =) but guess time is not right..and im pretty busy with my studies and all...NO im not a NERD..hellNO! lets just put it this just a girl of early 18 who loves to have fun with my buddies..often been nick name as breathtaking as thats wut my real name means in Arabic...haha was saved by my mom who wanted me to type a proposal of 4 pages long.. which of course a hell of a burden..but anything to get me away from that conversation with mr.darus... i hate it to fight with someone whose kiasu..coz wutever u do they are always RIGHT....not to say mean things to mr.darus..but thats just the way he is...and im just the way i AM!!! wutever it is..hes a good mentor to me..really( as u can see this is obviously my cover line ) darus if u read this...i dont mean to be rude okay..its my first journal..prehaps i got out of better go now..miss sheha and dying to read this shits i journal already 2 fans..AWESOME!!!hehe...kidding..till then..muahs