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   Friday, February 08, 2002
just read sheha's blog ..what a dream babe..geezz u fainted soo bloody many times!! i know i would just chop off someones head if they force me to get married..REALLY!!GEGEGEG =P. babe u are so cute, i had such a bloody good time reading it again and again..haha even my brother was giggling all the way!!..u are taking it too serious i guess till it got in2 ur head..slow down aight..try not to think about it too much..of course which parents dont want their children to get married early ...let them say wutever they want and we just move on with our mission in life....its just a VERY typical parents BLAH..!!

anyway, 2day i got stuck in the traffic from Bangsar to my crib for more than 2 hours!! can u believe it!!...its bloody near all becoz of this CNY thingy..ppl wants to go out for the"last minute shopping " DATS WHY!!..i bumped into some REALLY good loonkig guy ...hehe..yeah this is so typical of me..brag about this guy dat guy AND i'll end up with NOBODY!..but this guy was driving an alfa romeo, fair, smart loking...and all..nothing like my usual taste!! i think my taste have changed to a more matured "working class " type of men.!!! why? hell i dont know..maybe its just dat they seem more experiance in all sort of ways ..AHAcks!=) now dont go thinking all those dirty things..i dont mean those!! hehe..whoops i have to go for a meeting ah late at 10 pm geez..cya

   Thursday, February 07, 2002
i couldnt believe my eyes when my mom handed me a few booklets of Monash Uni. in PERTH and other uni in perth...i have no idea how she came up with such a briliant but tooooo late idea of sending me to PERTH on my second year@!!! then when we sat down for a discussion...we almost argue about this whole PERTH thing...i told her i cant go to PERTH it doesnt offer the major which i intend to do..but she didnt want to listen..she somehow captivated to the ideas which the education adviser from perth had advised her earlier..apparently she coincidently bumped on the wrong floor on her way to the meeting and its like magic ***** there it was AIUS..some western australian programmes ..==> PERTH!!! this company which my mom is involved with had bought over one of the campus in PERTH!! i dont know what else to say as she insist on bringing me to the dept for a counselling probably next week!! gosh its a mess..firslty i couldnt decide what major then campus problem AND NOW changing to PERTH!! i can go crazy.. i had tears in my eyes while we were discussing but i swollowed hard;then my voice started changing like someone who have suffered from a sore throat..i think she knew that i was about to burst out crying ..when she quietly agreed with me to seek counselling from Monash Uni. in sunway first then to this AIUS thingy..

pray that everything will run smooth for me..i dont want to go to PERTH...its a dead's ppl place..hehe..thats what they all rather go to South Africa than this place... theres nothing else to do in that place other than clubbing or study ..even Siti a family fren hated it so thought id wanted melbourne coz of my friends..but dats not true i mean yeah part of it..but actually its because i have ppl to depend on like my cousin brothers...and auntie and hehe friends good friends..and its easier to move about and i could always find something to do other than clubbing ...get what im saying?in perth, well i hate to admit this..but i also have a family fren there..but no relatives at all..i can't really depend on them..and i dunno what else can i do there in perth..according to siti, shop closes at 5 pm! by the time u get home from classes its already 5 pm how the hell are u going to shop..arghhhhhhh...i know im just finding excuses but i dont care what u say..i still do want to go to MELBOURNE...sigh..pray for me u guys PRAY!!

~*~ Tuesday; 6/2/02, Uncle Fauzi past away.Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Inallilah~*~

   Monday, February 04, 2002
i just did that personality test from sheha's bloggie..on which powerpuff girls are u..then i turned out to be MR. MAYOR!! like wat?? hes not even a powerpuff girl!!..geez am i dat bad??..=P finally yesterday i went out with my old skool frens..mich,shaz, to OU. for "the others" was scary..i squeezed myself hard not to scream...nicole kidman can REALLY act ..she deserves those awards..

so anyway..i dunno whether i should write my feelings here..but anyway here goes..i felt different when i was in OU...i mean its like im pretty an outcast there...i know i changed and was wearing a skirt yesterday..and i believe it kinda scared my frens off...i mean they were like "whoaa dress up" when i stepped into the car...i went blush and blank and tot hard to myself for a reply....nothing! i only murmured that ppl change and that im not new to skirt thingy..then i thought, why should i protest so much..its not like they didnt approve me for wearing a skirt..shit am i being over sensitive here..thats great, first MR. MAYOR now MISSY SENSITIVA?..i gotta get a grip with myself...i dunno whats got into me and why i felt that way yesterday...but mom suggested one simple thing "that i rarely go out with them so dats why i was so ackward "so im gonna stick to dat..

out for now..