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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Monday, February 11, 2002

~*~ LoVe tHhE NoT wItH tHe EyEs bUt WiTh ThE mInd~*~

guess wut!! my hair is staright..yep yep..i straighten it on cost me a bomb!!but the results was amazing!! i mean i love my new hair..of course theres the down side of it family didnt like it at all..they even called me JINJANG (no offense). so u can easily imagine how i was..all gloomy..through out the entire weekend..its that kind of feeling when ur family sezs/ make a remarks on u which affects u deeply..bleurgh..

had lunch with midvalley..she likes my new hair style..and it kinda makes my day..=) then saw su ling our ex- mufy, who was in her usual red shirt...was shopping with her family ..lucky girl!! she too had straighten her hair!! it looks sweet on i got nothing else to say here..except that im tired and bored and dat i had such a hectic day in and out of the office..from bangsar to ampang then to complaning here..yeah yeah..what can i say..i work with me mom..i even have to work TOMOLO..on cny holiday..sighed!!