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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Saturday, February 23, 2002
~*~'Real love is a blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, utter submission, trust and belief against yourself and against the whole world, giving up your whole heart and soul to the smitter- as i did!'~*~ MiSs hAvIsHaM, Great Expectations.

its raya haji today..and i just came back from my beloved hometown.My lil' sis whose staying with my grandma looks so much bigger now, talkative, and fussy..she's 2 and a half i think and man she;s soo notty..she doesnt call ppl politely as a normal kid would do(Auntie or uncle or kak) she just blurted FATHIN..or PAH or HUsin to our neighbour who's and old couple!! can u imagine whats got into kids nowadays!!
im kinda psyche today, maybe its because the dinner or it could also be my monday dilemma..yeap thats right this adrenaline rush im having might be due to the orientation day which kicks off on monaday, then tue, and fri.!! i do miss my college buddies...and im looking forward to see them all..although i know some of us have choosen different path to success and might not even see each other till destiny brings us together!!..keke anyway...i didnt manage to beat ct for sheha's test!! DARn...i got 85 while ct beat me by one small tiny mark..keke..the best part is i did the celebrity date quiz and i ended up with Freddie prinze jr. whoaahh!! not bad eh?
p/s: as u can see i dont talk much thats becoz im not i tha mood of writing!sowee

   Wednesday, February 20, 2002
~*~A BeAuTiFuL wOmAn is A LiKe JeWeL buT A KInD WomAn is LikE A tReaSuRe~*~

gosh its wednesday..and i havent written basically anything at all for the last ermm...9 days!! thats long but to tell u the truth im kinda getting lazy to theres soo many works that have to be done to meet the dateline..arrghh..gila!...i cant believe myself when i managed to go out on weekday night with ct and sha!! its been so bloody hard to get out even on weekends but last week was a dream come true!!i went to uncle don twice!! the place is fine with me..but im honestly getting bored there..but ct promised to bring us to ban ban-im all out for the food! =P

went to college the other day and amazingly we didnt bumped into SEMUT!! weird but glad that i dont see him..and i dont have the butterfly in the stomach shit..ya know..perhaps its truly OVER?!! yes!hehe...but we saw ct's stalker. man he's still stalking hehe..ct u'd better watch out-12 more days to college!!just got a msg from yujing..apparently she's back from taiwan and cant wait to meet us up ...and guess wut she's soo sweet to have bought us a prezzie all the way from taiwan!thank you sweetie!!..=@

oh my momjust noticed how psyche i am with cars!! nope not BOYS; but their toys!! =P i was babling about Lotus,a car which i saw on my way to college and how nice the car was ,the spiral, the rimm, the body, colour..even the number plate was LOTUS 1- which then i found out it belonged to one of mahathir's son-and that it cost half a million!! whatever the case i promised myself to buy one ,hot red, aerodynamic cut, sports rimm cabriolet for myself! hehe lets just cross our fingers aight!!
yesterday on our way back home, mom suddenly stopped the car on the road side,the road was dark,then she said in her loud firm voice "get out" terkejut gila babi (Pig Crazy Shocked- mind me hehehe a direct translation)..i thought someone was following our car..i refused at first then when she started gigling barulah i understand she nak i drive balik!!hehe..that was the first time my mom ever allow me to drive her home!! an improvement in her in line -A NEW CAR perhaps?heheh ..u WISH!