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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Thursday, March 14, 2002
~*~ DaNcInG iN tHe mOoNlIgHt~*~

hey im back..tomorrow is HOLIDAY!! great now i can pay back all my sleeping hours!! classes after classes...and my "posse" as Jay would say it..climb their way out from economics class..and i had to stayed back with edisson ,Bryan and all..why? simply because i dont feel right.." u know that guilty feeling" so anyway..thank god they were there or not i'll be bored to death! i stayed on with jay later ..and guess wut..that bloody idiot was doing his ECONOMICS ASSSIGNMENT!! i mean we just got it like last week..and hes already at the last question..and the best part...he finished his accounting assignment..!! he gave me the shock of my life..that is NOT JAY!!!!!!!!!! sorry dear but its not u..jay is more like the tak" kisah one..big bro impressed and guess i should be like him..but theres noway im getting all those bombastic words in my essay..DARN..aint that my ambition for the moment is to finish accounting assignment this weekend and proceeds with the others..hows dat?
besides i have to work hard this whole year- as i have to try to get some scholarships to one of melbourne's campus..or else i'll be in PERTH!!=(

honestly my life is at its most complicated, confusing state!! theres classes, refunds, books to find and read, self study thingy, gosh so many errands!! i had to try my best squeeze my way thru this uni life and i think i depend more on my organizer than b4!!.........i didnteven have time to think or talk about guys..except those moments when ct or sheha or hanim talked about their crushes..i do have some infatuations now..but im putting it at the last corner of my brain..its there just because its there no other specific reason..ive promised myself to concentrate more on studies than b4 and no GUYS! but the more i try to do this the harder it gets..they'll be ppl to "ohh" and "aahhhss" ..its typical but its the REALITY-CHECK!! so anyway, i think NOW semut is stalking me..weird but true..i caught him in the act looking at me in the library!! he can be mr freak now..coz im so not interested in him..blaa! as for others..erm..there are a few but afraid i cant mention names here..but they're more of friends and brotherly type..some are cute i admit it..but well as i said it earlier im not into relationship this year..!!..some new faces since the last 2 weeks are interesting..but seriously..its not worth to think and hope on them..and i guess wut ct sez its true.."if it were meant to happen it'll defenately be" ..besides i think the more u think and talk about ur infatuations the more u'll fall deep into it..and the further ur "guy" will go from as for now i'll stick with my theory --->not to get nearer to them/ him but to get the scholarships ive been craving about!! ehmm...hows dat? Guys vs Scholarships ...which marginal benefits me higher?

nighty night

   Monday, March 11, 2002
~*~ LoVe lIfE To ThE fUlLeSt fOr u lIvE oNLy ONCE!!~*~

howdy!! sorry for the late update..been really busy with assignments and classes...and as for now im in my bus. stats class..and its bloody BORING!! i can't even hear him and this pc's excel doesnt work so the hell am i supposed to learn?? life is pretty hectic than college...too many things to read with too little time..oh new stuffs came up i finally did siti's test..and guess wut the results are amazingly true!! sheha is my lucky star..and ct is the person who knows me well!! and both of them got the same results !! and the prediction on the two guys name which i wrote was somewhat true...hehe i know some of u are thinking WHAT GUY? well lets just say i have some infatuations on someone..aint gonna spell it out..NA AH!

i have 15 more minutes to go then im off home!!!!!!!! i miss my bed..oh hanim and sheha is persuading me to attend this event- a hawaiian luau..which is organized by MUSA..and im not so uptoit coz of the clothing im pretty busy with school work..but anyway i'll give it atry by asking my parents permission.