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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Saturday, March 23, 2002
~*~ WhAt U SeE Is wHaT U Get~*~

ALOHA welcome to "HaWaiian LuAU"! my first hawaiian party/ pool party..and it was a BLAST! i had such a great time with my friends all the way from getting ready till the end! the place was cool and kinda the building and the scenery..although the constructions workers on the other block is KINDA annoying..blah!lets see i made some new friends and met some old ones...Farah from assunta, my mentor for my first "Rockafella skank" performance was there and she looks da same petit,fit up body..and gosh her moves was fantastic she could still dance like the old days! then i had to teman sha to get the camera which was left in tha car.. and guess wut..she saw her crush just as he step out of the lift!! im so happy for her!

i dunno why..but the minute we step in there, we started taking pictures and it was so much fun..gigling and drooling which pose and guys to include in! and Miss Joana had to give her "maut" leg up pose in one of the after pictures then came the selection for the best costume of the night my one and only Bikini barbie fren ( ct) yg dasyat tuh..heheh..was one of the four final winner!! hoorrrrrrraayyyyyyy...meanwhile hanim won for first runner -up ...i think..both looks gawjus and so does my other clan"..hehe now can use the word clan..fulamak! Met some new frens like- bow's fren ..ermm...Yudi something..see i can never remember my crushes name..i guess i wasnt paying much attention on the name but more like TO HIM!! =P yeah hes attractive and sweet looking..fair, about my height, an indonesian, nice eyes, lovely accent......WUTELSE! everything BUT the NAME! darn! nvm...bow's there to help me..i hope =) ...but budi was the nicest person that night..he was the one who called out for bow to introduced Yudi to sweeeeeeeeetttttttt!! thank u!..then i was intro. to Versace guy..whos name is dino..yeap thats his name alright..he was there
with his hommies which none interest me and my frens..ekekek sorry...but he macam P-E-R-A-S-A-N the whole night...and i assume budi told him something about the other day's incident in class where i jokingly asked him if Dino is coming..heheh..gatal!but i straighten things out..and told budi the whole "mr Versace attitude" of his and how it totally turns everyone off! eurghhh!anyway enuff about him

as the night was becoming more more exciting, kenn way and chris jumped out of nowhere!! haha.. at first as i came down the stairs i wanted to give them a big hug..but then i remembered Regine..and i terus pusing and hug ct..and i belive dat kenn way "terasa"..coz it was pretty obvious that i backed out!...but hugging ct was tha best..hehe DASYAT!..kekek..anyway..we all sat in the same exact spot and chatted all the way...jon and ah bok was there and so does Daniel..heheh...and SOMEBODY danced with mr. climbing moves that sweet!we danced till its time to go..although i couldnt admit that i actually dance..coz i felt so shy suddenly..and its like sheha's shyness is inside me..she pulak enjoyed herself dancing along with ct and all..=P why? i dunno suddenly felt so kenn way was there...lagilar awkward..then that Yudi guy asso was there..=)...but the ultimate reason is becoz i was nnot fed well..i was HUNGRY -LAR!! thats why....and i only realised that maser nak tidur..keke..but its happy when my frens are happy..and u bet they were SOOOOOOOOOOO BLODDDDYYY HAPPYY..kekek...thanks to my frens if not for them the party would have been B-O-R-I-N-G!! Love you all!