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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Saturday, March 30, 2002
~*~lOvE LoOkS NoT WiTh ThE eYEs bUt WiTh ThA MiNd~*~

MAnDy mOoRe-cRy
howdy all! went to bangsar today for a lunch with the rest had some tasty stuffs at Chilis..yummy then we watched "not another teenage movie" at siti's crib which was damn stewpid and farnee too..hehe i like the first part haha!!....and as im about writing this journals im having such an irritating headache..its bugging me hard as i cant strain my eyes too much on the pc..and this is all becoz i had like only 6 hours of sleep..and its all thanks too my accounting assignment..!!!! itu pun belum completely siap!

anyway; i think this week is more like Y's week..why? becoz whenever wherever i go, i kept seeing him and mentioning his so paranoid and could be the next FREAK-O..i know it all started on that "hawaiian Luau nite" which was the day i took him like a small commercial crush ..just to feel my boredom BUT now i kenot stop seeing him and mentioning his name...its like a curse..haha..thats too lesson learn..never ever..take a guy's name for "main-main" u'll defenately get stuck with his name in ya head..!!!! =P ...i think siti is does look like he's avoiding us" as in 4 of us...why? maybe he was scared and shocked to see us on that particular night..i mean we were all so gigllish(is there such a word?) and a lil bit of hyper..maybe dat scared him off...and from the look of his face he does seem nerdy and goody type of guy....BUT like wut Budi would say..never judge the book by its i could have been wrong could have just been on a reason that im sooo ugly and that sucks for him/ hehe..or he's with someone..hmph..! honestly im just wasting my time talking and drooling on him..for i could never get even a chance to say HI to him..FAT CHANCE! and im pretty sure things wont come our way..maybe for that one night..which i eventually had missed going home instead of following Budi to Diva..i would perhaps get my chance in reading the book rather than relying on the cover!!Sigh...anyway..i have to go and get some rest much thinking on unnecessary stuffs.. plus..heading to tropicana club check on houses..yep they're plannig to move..just as soon as we get a buyer on this house..i wonder how my life would be
then..till then nighty night..


   Monday, March 25, 2002
~*~AlL WeLl eNdS WeLL~*~

hey hey hey~! im B-A-C-K! yup its monday today and as u can see im pretty up to beat..thanks to my drearie sheha and her lovely i get to see my crush all da time...thank u !the pictures are ready, and we had such a wonderful time looking at it.e.veryone was so lively and cherrieeeee on that day..and man i didnt know those flashes could unleash my SEXYNEESSS(is there such a word?) for almost all the pictures taken, my bra kept appearing right THERE! sheha calls me sexy mama,haha..anyway it was not revealing at all uc for the toga top was black in colour, but i guess those flashes helps to promote me in the eyes of my frens..!!hahah-talk about perasan..neeway..i saw Y today heheh...yes he did add up to this cheerie mood..

i dunt know why but at first i dont seem to care whether budi or bow knows about Y...but when bow went off and sat with him just as i finished talking about Y...i got really he jokingly told me that hes gonna call him my heart i was yelling and scolding to myself..STEWPID!...then 5 minutes later..he came back and told me that he had given "our" phone numbers to him and he'll be calling "Us" later....then ct quickly asked who are the "us"...he gigled and said us as in 4 of us..thank god my drearie fren pandai..she back him off coz she knows he doesnt have her number!! haha....but it triggers the ultimate question..did he actually gave Y my number..?and being the usual-paranoid me i kept thinking that question over and over again..and i hated it becoz im starting to feel shy and scared whenever hes around..damn it..the last time i had this sorta feeling for a guy ,crush to be appropriate, was early last year..and that was Semut..and now Y..oh no!! i dont know if its merely an infatuation or not.. +P but honestly im enjoying the moment~heheh~ ct advised me to be my usual self and if things do happened then it is meant 2B...hehe..

just now... i bumped in to kenn way and chris at the hallway..and im positively sure he terasa about the hug-no-hug on friday..coz as he saw me he did the exact thing to me while i was talking to chris..sigh...i just acted plain dumb and continue talking to chris, felt pretty bad for doing such thing to a fren..but i cant help it..i know his girlfren and its just the kinda mess which u wouldnt want to be just gonna let this things fade i Y in my mind.hehe