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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Monday, April 29, 2002
~*~SeEk kNoWlEdGE EvEn uP To cHiNa~*~

im not gonna right long here coz this bloody computer might not put up my journals..lets test..haha it okay i have not been writing for quite a long time due to those pc which are so slowand the stewpid server..nuff sed..

alrighty...last week plenty of things happened..yeah and hanim's CAN OR NOT--> question was one of the most funniest thing..and i seriously think its the magic word becoz everytime she bumped into someone she likes she'll coincidently announced those 3 letter cute!!we head up to Naili's Corner (Finally) last was fun hehe..the food was tasty..and i love the atmosphere ..plenty of trees..and im sure my dearie fren siti would agree on that..oh ct's cousin was also there..anuar..the one -2 one -2 ..hahah..hes funny , my dearie fara couldnt make it coz she had a barbeque to attend ..yujing was there too quiet as always..and si Sheha came all the way from shah alam tapi tak makan..apparently fahmy, the brother..was mean to her on that evening---> jahat...erm..wut else to write..i dont quite remember...all thanks to this bloody server..till then tata