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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Wednesday, May 08, 2002
~*~ im sick sigh sigh~*! r you all..i havent been wiritng lately due to my health and pc who did not co operate with feeling kinda dizzy now..i have no idea why..but my fever was over but i guess its the effect of those drugs i have to take and never in my entire life i ate 6 tablets of panadol in a day!! i didnt attend school on monday and tuesday..yeah sick kan..oh but we had such a good time on friday night..first time in my life i actually spent my friday night with my friends at bangsar..hehe..we were supposed to attend the monash talent night but things kept coming our way thus we ended up at the place about an hour instead of wasting our next half an hour there we headed straight to red chamber for dinner!!! woo hoo....farina and faruok was also there...shes studying in uitm along with bahiyah and shes sitis best fren..we've been hearing stuffs about farina since last year and finally last friday we managed to meet her..hehe...oh chris and kenn just passed by..yeah im now at the coputer lab..had nothing to do this dizziness doesnt seems to help so i decided to sit here and blog something ...wutelse eh?erm..i miss my guy..i havent seen him since last saturday..maybe todays my lucky day...we'll see..