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   Wednesday, May 29, 2002

alrighty im back, now at clab waiting for the printer to for the meantime i'll be jotting...ehm..remember mike shinoda ? right after i log out and stepped out of the class i FINALLY saw him...sheha lar suddenly out of nowhere she pushed me and told to use the other path n i tot she wanted to show me her guy, so i waited and tried to see which good looking guy sheha referring to in clab2 ..then i saw him...stars where surrounding him ..he was laughing on dunno wut with this indian fren of his and May kawan hanim.. i was stunt and dunno wut to say..macam whoaaaaaaa my dream came true...that reminds me, almost everytime i saw him he'll be either smiling or laughing..and he looked damn bloody gorgeous!! pass tuh to my frens amazement-----< i actually screamed but not so loud lar in the lift!!! can u imagine im never like this in my entire life!! so the whole day i was smiling to myself in my blushy -im blur- mood- i think id better stop talking about him, it'll anoyes ppl..

i think in the evening later we hang out at the WMU area and robert and fren came and sat with us, pass tuh mukhriz and bow then farah was also macam we took the whole row of was kinda interesting and fun to listen to the guys conversation and how wacky they can be at times..moo was really does robert..dah lama i dont hang out with guys, u sually last year alamost every evening i'll be with Jay, Abd, mohd and kenny and naga......these new company of friends reminds me of them...hehe i sort of miss okie gtg miss hanim waiting..

   Monday, May 27, 2002
~*~What's LoVE GoT tO Do WIF aNyThing?~*~

hey hey hey, its good 2be back, i was down for about 2 weeks, my fever kept coming back and so i had to take bloodtest and bla bla..horrible...finally they found out that my platlet is low, and ive been inffected with some virus..macam seirous kan? yeah imagine me sick like hell do nothing and eat nothing..i lost lot of weight coz like yesterday my cousin whom i have not met for about few months told me im toooo extremely thin and dat i looked now my new resolution is to eat wutever i want no more restrictions but i have to do the normal daily routine of exercise..yyeyeye...neeways theres so many things to tell but i dah lupa ..oh yah we went to Redchambers last friday night..woo hoo..i was a bit high hehe but sober at the same time.macam maner tuh? hehe...i was saying things which i dont usually say in about sheha's flasher thingy..geez..sumemore bf ct and hanim was there..macam bad impression jugak lar..certainly hope they could at least get the idea of what i really am..coz HONESTLY im not like dat-perverted girl..hehe..although my closed frens truly know wut i really am..HEHE...i lovethe place its soo cool..sumemore got bantal and u could just stretch urself after makan..comfy..i seriously think we should all go there some other time!!!!!!!!!!!!maybe i should make my future room similar with the redchamber concept "morrocon and gypsy style" cool eh?...oh i didnt see my guy like fully see face 2 face for the last 2 weeks..but there was once last friday i think he stood behind me while searching for a sit in Sweet Garden. heheh..but its ok-la maybe next time maybe 2DAY! woohoo..and did i mentioned about him looking like Mike Shinoda...sheha gave me that idea..which is quite true..but hes better looking..whats with me and Goatee + spiky haired guy..i could easily fall for guys with those criteria..i mean- its like yeah i know brad pitt is good looking but thats not my type u know..prefers Guys who are more grundge but at the same time with soft heart..aahhhhhhhhhhh...hehe im talking rubbish here,...btw yesterday i had a lunch and movies-panic with my assutarians neeway better go this Brian beside me is distracting..hehe