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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Saturday, June 29, 2002
~*~PoEpLe aLwAyS FoCuS On ThE cLoSeD dOoRs wItHoUt rEaLiZiNg tHe nEw dOoR oPeNiNg WiDElY UnTo tHem~*~

me again! im on holiday for now...sounds fun but trust me its bloody Boring!!..knowing my family situation, im only allowed to go out once a week!!!! so wut do i do on those long dying week days?? NOTHING ...i woke up late as usual say at noon then lunch then maybe read few pages of magazine then sleep again then dinner then tv then SLEEP!!! geez come to think of it dat explains why i cant fit into my bloody pants!!!DAMN!

i managed to go out with my college buddies twice both to Sg. Wang.. man they really sell cheap ...WAY CHEAP..stuffs...oh and during MNG sale i managed to reward myself this Tiger-print-see-thru- top which i think its cool..puuurrfect for my birthday dinner later next month..hehe..speaking of burfdaysss, hanim's and yujing's burfday was on last friday i managed to grab some stuffs for them ...and yesterday i spent my entire day in bangsar...bsc had this Flea market thingy...and my dear fren diyana was selling some really nice decorated glass stuffs, shes really good at this handicraft thingy...then lunch was good had uncle chilis yummy fujita and tripple play with mom and a. sabrina ( mom's fren whos really funky) about 5, we bumped into a. sabrina's son, Yan whom happens 2b my childhood he looks just like his cute and chubby..hE is the same age as me..but sorry no chemistry mean!....pass tuh as i was cruising around BSC..i saw this guy...(YES, another guy in my life------> typical me)hehehe...well he looked like Rais, siti's i simply put up a smile for he drew closer then i realized it was actually some other guy..coz i dont remember Rais being at that height...u guessed it, my face was blushing..and to make the matter worse, he had to cruise the magazines rack, right behind me!!! this guy is a Matsalleh i think, curly hair just like height and had this Greenish eyes...looks Bloody innnocent but i could see he was trying to put that Bad boy look!! which to me, make him looks much more cuter!! ...ehem...thats not it being the oh-so-innocent-me ..i did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! yep..dude..i actually froze!!!!!!!!!....then few minutes later he left..and i just had to call someone so i calledlar siti!!! dear fren nih..was craking her head with my story not even comforting me..heheh...and as i wastalking to her complaining that i just lost my newest crush...he reappears looking straight in my eye!!! ahah..macam movie kan?...he was on the first floor balcony looking down!! i shriek with joy and i think he saw i was so embarrased with myself ....what kind of 18 year old girl acts like this soooo childish!!...i think sheha's right ...she sed my eyes are "kero" which means not sure wut it exactly means..hehe..but i think u guys know wut i anyway dats my story for the day

oh lupa..later in the evening i went to armada to accompany my mom...and to my luck they were having some designer ware house sale..yippie....but to my amazement i had only 40 bucks in my wallet and this really cool DKNY furry jacket cost ONLY 50!!....thinking that my mom wouldnt be coming along so i gave it up..then about half an hour later my mom came up to me..i was like DARN....that jacket was sold to some other girl arghhh..i soooo hated my a useless shopper....honestly.... i bought things at the WRONG size( like this MOTO pants) and i always regret after a shopping coz i dont get wut i REALLY wanted instead i ended up with crapsss!!!!!!!!...i serisouly need help on these..and maybe my fren siti ...the shopaholic---- could wee me with some her magic spell!! off to get some sleep ciao babey!