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   Tuesday, July 02, 2002
~*~SeIze tHe dAy~*~

although i dont quite comply with the seize the day moto..but im pretty sure some of us ought to try as for now most of us are having holiday and yeah the word boring come to our mind now and then..but to really think about it..we ought to go through our long days by making up with it..wut i really mean is that we should try to do SOMETHING in order to distract ourselves from our boredom! doing activities be it eating or just dancing to the latest kylie minogue tunes on Hitz fm..will defenately put some bright colours into our the aim is make urself busy this holiday nevermind if the things u do is stewpid or absurd(erm...)...justt do it! dont u think i sounded abit like Carrie in Sex and the city writing about life ...hehe...forget it..i think i sound more like a grandma!..this is wut 24/7 days at home turn me into!!!shriekkkkk..

anyway...i had dinner with my friends (the famous four says me) Bazaar in bangsar..joined by hanim's frens..haniff and some other 2 was a dinner in conjunction of hanim's burfday..yep shes 19 now!!! i have to put this online-------> my musketeers looks incredibly stunning, thanks to the dim light as it managed to hide our buldging stomachs hehehe anyway hanim the burfday gal, looks so sweet in her pink halter dress...and siti with her jLOISH top and *&^ me white heel (OUCH)..and sheha the mademoiselle le frenciure stunning in the romantic colour..then comes the guys..ok they were very VERY quiet except maybe haniff whom looks like mike shinoda ...thats according to siti..he doesnt really looks like him...just the goatee i guess...shinodas still the best..hehe...we all ate except the burfday girl and the guys...yes hanim's on diet even on her birthday~~!!! hehe....the kuay teow was bloody spicy...i think if it was a white light, u guys could see my watery eyes!! ...
i was pretty quiet i had to admit it..i didnt feellike talking that much..dont ask me the spicy food didnt actually help in improving my mood!

but thats not the only thing i did yesterday...say i managed to find out that siti havent seen porn.....heheheh...sorry dear thats the hot topic of the night!! i really thought she was kidding but man its true!! who aspects an out-going girl whom people always predicted to be sombong and actually nice and innocent girl..hhehe....but who cares wut other ppl think just be thinking of bringing siti into a porno world what do u guys think?should we introduce her the different angles? gagagaga..not that im expert or anything...whoopss...hehehe...kidding...hey ariff if u're reading this..sms me if u agree with the earlier questions!!but then again he'll be a better tutor right???hehe..wait this is soooooooooo not crapping here...before i reveal anymore of my dark secretsss ( hehehehe) id better leave..till then enjoy life will ya!