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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Friday, July 12, 2002
~*~BeLieVe iN uR DrEAmS As i bElIeVe iN U~*~

hey ya all! its friday night now ive been reading books thewhole im weird its holiday and here i am lying on my bed reading story books ....wutever...anyway i went out yesterday with the rest , farah joined us too..and it was so much fun we went to midvalley to watch Minority Report strarring mr cruise..woo hoo..farah didnt joined us for she'd watch it already ...=(...anyway..the movie was good ..i love it...although i dont really favour tom but i love the whole doubt Spielberg has the best imagination in hollywood..ever thinking where he got those ideas to combined superb high technology along with that new Lexus prototype with aerodynamic cut and function..pheeww..probably hes a walking alien among us..u wouldnt know right..he have seen this high-tech stuffs in some alien world..aha...hehe..wutever the case the idea of having precog among us is defenately good, although we should give some holidays to those precog u know a trip to bali or something for all the hard crapping here as u can see....we didnt stayed long but sure had a good laugh teasing miss sheha and farah whose obsession for this current moments are indian lorry drivers and skinny indian guys..heheh..wut an imaignation u girls!!!!!!!!!!! heheheh...=P

i know im supposed to jot something else but ive next time..blahhh

   Tuesday, July 09, 2002
~*~SkIeS ThE LiMiT..rEaLlY?~*~

last saturday we went for the wmu talentime, it kicks off at 6 something..they were me, ct, sheha, tt n hanim...the place was not as pack as we tot it would ..and the performance was okay at first..although some songs a pretty dragging and just too loud.. but after an hour later ..we were starting to drift off...sazlan performed with his band numerous of times..and this guy named shahrul was awesome..he could play any instruments even piano, and he sings..not bad eh..then theres this hardcore group whose lead singer can be known as a dreadlock..they were pretty scary..played songs from Rage and something like Korn...not my type though..they also had this auction for a date...our fren tt was put on auction too, and she was rescued from those yemni guys and jpa guys by sazlan..hehe..sweet..then we had such a fun moment teasing sheha to bit for H ..which finally we somehow started off by tt, and the price went higher n higher till it gets to 80 bucks!! it was a rival between the 5 of us and these 2 indonesian girl..and thank god for Majeed our negotiator or middle man..who then suggested we split him up 40-40 and 2 dates for each party..the contract was sealed and he was bought for $80 no joke aight the highest male- price of the night!!! later majeed introduce him to the both girls and the argument has settled..hehe..later amazingly to my surprise sheha along with siti went to hav a chat with him...i n hanim had to look from far..anyway wutever the case...i have to say really impressed with my fren's takes a whole lot of guts just to go up to someone epecially ur crush... n this girl got some will power in her.. just to go through the whole half an hour was embarassing theres no doubt about that..but she managed it through..=) im proud of my dear fren ..missy if u read doesnt matter if he calls or not but whats matter the most is that uve gone beyond those limits in ur life..which is a great success u know..yeah the feeling that it might not have work after all will be there..but so what right?u got other ppl around u who loves u for who u me and the rest ..hehe..( self-compliment..i know)..i respect those moments u went thru and those moves u made..i wish one day i could go beyond that limit missy can u become my tutor now??? =)