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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Friday, July 19, 2002
~*~EvERy bEgInNInG EnD wItH aN eNdInG~*~

hey, finally my begining of the first semester has officially ends with my first semester didnt kick off dat well..i flunk my Business and Econs i already expected..the rest was a ok. glad i pass for the rest however my economics results is not that good, plus the fact that im majoring in econs making it look worst!....yes then comes the lecture from my parents...initiating that i should push myself harder in next grandma was pretty cool..for now, only she knew i flunk in one subject..and she didnt scold me or anything instead she told me not to mention anything to my parents..ssaying that they wouldnt understand the fact that the subject is hard..hehe..wutever the case im still trying to do 5 subjects this semester n pray that i'll do better...