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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Thursday, July 25, 2002
~*~EvErY sTorY HaS TwO SiDeS oF ViEw~*~

im back in college,the first day was really fun.. everyone was really looking forward...excitements to see our old friends whom we've not contacted for about a month and some new to review our disappointment in our results..hehe...oh well, this sem i'll be taking the bis stats since i failed the harder macroecons..i dunno wutelse to write,say classes was so far so good, excellent lecturers way much better than last year,get to know new people from different class...and yada yada...boring academic stuffs..

lets get part to the boyzzz...hehe...ive not seen shinoda yet, and i have this feeling im not going to see him at all!! why? most probably due to the schedules ...though i know that he's still in monash, failed maths b and re-taking it along with mr. chris...hehe..but i dunno i suddenly lost as for now my life is pretty much the same..hehe..oh and bahiyah is going off to states in 3 weeks time..gonna miss her..since i got nothing else to say or write and this stupid printer didnot print my gonna get out from here..later