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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Sunday, August 04, 2002
~*~AlWaYs aSpECt ThE uNeXPeCtEd~*~

hello!i know ive been away for so long but i cant help it , been really busy with schools and friends...anyway on the first of August i finally and officially became 19 years old...huraayyy.. right im getting older, it sucks a liltle i do still wanna be 16!!!!!! hehe..yes and siti gave me my first,third and ermm i cant remember wut number wishes!! i had a small bbq for my birthday yesterday, i didnt except it to turn out so well...honestly that evening i was pretty down coz i kept getting sms from my friends telling me that they couldnt turn up...and stuffs like dat..n i was getting worried coz my mom did a number of dishes..and i didnt want it to be so boring like last year,but thankfully around 7 siti and sheha and titi arrived, then siti helped on with my birthday outfit...then later fara, mukh, and bow joined in...yep, n i had to move around coz ive forgotten some important culinary stuffs like knife!! plus we had a guest since 6.30 whom then stayed the foods were'nt actually fully ready..hehe..sorry...but later kenn way and regine came, followed by the rest..and from one full table we had to put up another 3 tables and it was fun coz the tables were joined and every 22body was chatting with one another....both of my parents helped with the bbq, actually it was our job but they suddenly started doing all the chores..hehe merci bouku...neway over all i had soo much fun and i hope everybody elses do to...those first few peoples became the last people to leave that night...hehe thanks so much...honestly this is the best party ive ever had...and its all due to my dearie friends who is always there with me!!! erm, i was pretty hungry though...i tasted all the food bit by bit, salad pasta, vege salad, steak,chicken (thats mukhriz's chickss), the funny taste of punch made by siti-a mixture of a number of juices and 7-up and ginger beer which then had made sheha drunk!! the punch was a crossover between pinacolada and virgin mary hahah...the yummy marsmallowss...yeah dats about it...

all i wanna say is that i really appreciate wut u guys have done to me, from being a listener, chatter,place for comfort, fashion advisers, guys and problem advisers, boy hunters, food lovers, dancing partners, big birthday helpers, to calm me down when im hyper, to know me so well on the fact that i need food to make me hyper, and most of all for being my bestest friends...i love you all....hehe ALL TOGETHER--------> owwww so sweet! fault i just wished i could sit down and joined in the conversation with u all.....but i haf to go around making sure everybodys eating well, foods n forks are enough, so thats why i didnt really know until the end of the night that mukhriz have a 1 o'clock curfew from his mom!!!heheheh..thanks also for the wonderful gifts..i love them all..till then goodnight!