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BReAHtAkInG By NaTuRe!
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   Sunday, November 10, 2002
yo! im having my holiday last paper was biz was a okay..its fasting month now..and my gparents along with mum and bro is in saudi for umbrah.they've gone for about 2 weeks now..and hopefully this thurday they;ll be back..geeez im dead bored, apart from going out with my girls..i have nothing to do...can u imagine 2 days in a row..i didnt go i clean up my gparents's bedroom..and today i re-write the phone book..i wish for a better holiday..seriously sitting at home sucks..i cant really talk to anyone coz my mum or gma isnt here..and my dad,i cant really talk things which i like to talk about wif him..hes a father he wouldnt understand..and my gaunties and uncle..dont even think about it..and i cant even watch tv!!!..they;ll be watching astro ria..andi dont watch malay it sucks..i had to bare with our other english sitcoms on local networks..other than that i'll be online chatting or just surfing thru..tuh pun i dunno where to go already..oh yah 2molo sha's bday..happy 19th burfday!!..okay la till then