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   Saturday, December 07, 2002
All rite, im here again..manythings had occurred last week..well I went out with sheha, ct, muhibbah last Friday for break-fast. I was the earliest that day..i reached around 6.30..becoz I ddint want mama to stuck and break fast lambat due to the yeah I was damn early..and about 5 mins to 7 farouk came joined by ct and sha at 7 to waste time I msg ali and we chatted till farouk arrived..well that day I ddint plan to see him at all..but at about 3pm I decided I should as well get things over and done with him..for ive been pending the dinner for 2 weeks already and I couldn’t seem to find the right time to go out with whenever I plan it wont feel right and true enuff it wont dat Friday I decided to give a shot..and well..he joyfully.agreed to meet after dinner..and wanted me to teman him to get shoes at klcc..and im like oh no..i only ask for drinks at mont kiara along with my frens but he had some other stuffs in mind so I told him the original plan and both of us agreed to go with the flow..
and at 8.30 after the delicious and fun (open table) dinner with my buddies..he picked me up and we shoot up to klcc..i couldn’t believe wut I was doing..for things just seems to fall apart..i mean I planned to go for coffee at mont kiara,should be joined by my “other” buddies..but entah sheha cant make it for she had to be home b4 10 while fara wants to go out with bf meanwhile hanim seems 2b not in the mood..and ct wants to teman sheha balik..and im like wookay so I shall hang with ali then..see we never confirm anything!so we were at klcc about 9pm till 11.30pm…we hang out first doing window shopping from topshop to nose and some other shoe shops..and lastly he wanted to go to “chinos at the park” for a like wookay wutever..and yeah we chatted on and on till 11pm..and to my utmost surprise I bumped into budi and frens..

That was such a funny situation I mean he couldn’t recognize me at all! Yeah man cant quite blame him “missy innocent nerdy gurl” at chinos klcc on Friday night with a guy (wut on earth is going on)..he must be thinking I must have turned around 180 degrees or something..anyway…after that he led me out to the park in front of philharmonic centre..yeah to have a gaze at the twin tower and fountains..which was sweet I think and no doubt the view was awesome!..and we chatted till it was time to go home at 12 sharp..and dad was shocked to know he sent me home..but it all went well coz I told him that mak asked him to sent me home..which was true.
.but I lied to them about our last destination and dats bugging me …I hate lying especially to my parents..i only lie if its relevant to do tipu sunat..even if this outing was plan but it wasn’t confirmed..and if I told them the truth they’re gonna be really angry and upset.. and would think about other irrelevant stuffs about ali and me..which is absurd..we did absolutely nothing except he was being affectionate to me in a brotherly kind of way…so I didn’t tell them the absolute truth only half I to be blame? Does it mean I lied? I guess so..but I did it to avoid any where do I actually stand now, im not quite sure…

but I know like mama just sed yesterday after she found out that he sent me home..that I ought to follow the Islamic rules about dating ..she didn’t pressure but I myself found the idea necessary and am not against it..that it helps me to avoid any unwanted weird situation with him or publics…so I shall ask for forgiveness to my family for lying to them directly or indirectly this coming eid..and I shall not see ali by myself again unless he comes and picked me from my home which means my family knows all about it….and thankgod, I dunno why but he seemed to always understand my situation with family,publics and religion..which amazes me really..he;ll assure that my parents knows where I am, that I get home safely and punctual,…I thank god also for allowing me to meet him, he;s more like a dear brother or a bestfren..he advises me on many many things, we chatted about almost everything that could b chatted under the stars…from psychological aspect, economical, political and even religion…funny at times I feel like im talking to a lecturer..i learned a lot from him, honestly this year I learnt so many new things which never crosses my mind and these thanks to my college friends and ali…